Posted: Jan 02 2020


    If the idea of sustainable living has been of interest to you but you don't quite know how to begin your journey, this list of 10 New Year's Resolutions for a more sustainable lifestyle can help get you started.

    1. Reduce plastic use

    The world's plastic problem is big, really big! 33 million tons of plastic waste per year is generated in the US alone and only a fraction of it is recycled. Plastic is awful for the environment. It ends up in landfills, beaches, rivers, oceans and contributes to a plethora of environmental problems.

    And if there is one thing you can do in 2020 to get started on a journey to a more sustainable lifestyle, it would be to reduce the amount of plastic you use on a daily basis.

    Start by saying no to plastic bags and single-use plastic storage. Invest in reusable shopping bags, water bottles, containers, straws etc to replace plastic alternatives.

    2. Reduce the use of chemicals in your home

    A lot of the cleaning products found in your home contain a load of mysterious, dangerous chemicals that are not only bad for you, but bad for the environment.  

    Start the New Year with a "spring clean" of your cabinets to eliminate chemical-filled products and replace them with eco-friendly alternatives.

    3. Switch to all-natural beauty products

    Similar to cleaning products, personal care and cosmetic products are riddled with toxic chemicals. When buying personal care products to use on your body and face, choose brands that are vegan, all-natural and not tested on animals.

    If you wear makeup, sit down with this list and go through all of your makeup products to see which brands you’re using that still test on animals! We don’t necessarily recommend throwing them out right away (that would be wasteful), but definitely, don’t repurchase any products from any of the listed companies.

    4. Buy local and seasonal produce

    Next time you head to the supermarket, try to only stock up on produce that's in season. It's great for your wallet, it tastes better and is better for you.

    5. Eat less meat

    The overly-industralised, grain-fed livestock industry is awful in every way. Not only are of all the growth hormones injected into animals bad for them (and us), the greenhouse gasses their farms create are deadly to the ozone layer. Plus the living conductions of many animals in the industry are inhumane.

    While there are a bunch of benefits to becoming a full vegetarian (or even vegan), it's not necessary to completely sacrifice eating meat if it's something you enjoy. Reducing your meat intake (even if it's just implementing something as simple as Meatless Mondays), can have a huge impact on the environment. At the very lest, try to be more conscious about where your meat comes from. Grass-fed, pasture-raised meat is the way to go.

    6. Embrace minimalism

    Minimalism is just a fancy way of sayinG that you live and shop consciously - not acquiring more than you need, and being aware of the consequences of all your purchases. In the New Year, just get a little more conscious about any purchases you're making (do you need that third wine rack?) and consider taking time to declutter your home.

    7. Say no to fast fashion

    Fast fashion has a high human and environmental cost, and despite the fact that each item costs you less than high-quality clothing, it ends up costing you more in the long term.

    Consider breaking the cycle of fast fashion and shop more consciously.  

    8. Drive less

    There are numerous benefits to ditching your car, and so many alternatives to driving available in every city. Public transport is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint, as is carpooling. Whether you're on holiday or commuting to work, consider taking public transport to cut down on emissions and help reduce pollution.

    Bonus points if you opt to ride a bike or walk to your destination! It's not only better for the environment, but all that exercise is going to be so much better for your health.

    9. Choose to be a more sustainable traveller

    If you've got the travel bug, let this be the year you explore the world in a different way. Travel more, travel further, but most importantly, travel more eco-consciously.

    Choose to stay in eco-friendly accommodation that cares about their impact on the environment and on the communities.

    Don't engage in unethical wildlife activities and choose to spend more time connecting with nature.

    Offset your carbon emissions when flying.

    10. Give back

    Giving back is a great way to connect with others in your own community. And luckily, there are so many ways to make a positive impact that don't involve monetary donations, so it's a resolution you can stick to, no matter what financial position you're in.

    Get involved in a project in the community that's near and dear to your heart, maybe it's volunteering for a local organisation or helping out with a community garden, or a local sports team, or simply taking part in some of the community events throughout the year.

    And don’t forget to continue giving back while you are away from home too. There are many ways to “pay it forward” while traveling that will help you connect to the communities abroad and help you gain a better understanding of life outside of your own country.


    Posted: Dec 31 2019

    We're lucky enough to travel the world through the eyes of the talented photographer Jacqueline Giltrow as she shoots our seasonal campaigns.
    Forever chasing Summer, she has shot in most of the picturesque locations across the globe and somehow, still manages to call Australia home. We grabbed 5 minutes with her recently in between connecting flights.
    1. What location have you visited most?
    Italy without a doubt. Most specifically the Amalfi Coast. There is something about it that is just pure magic to me.
    2. What destination continues to inspire and surprise you?
    Asia - the history, the local art and craftsmanship, the diversity. Around every corner is something new and interesting, and the people are so warm and welcoming as well.
    3. What's on your bucket list for 2020?
    I would love to get back to New York - it's been 10 years since my last visit. Spain, Mexico and Marrakech in the Summer, Switzerland in the winter.
    4. 5 must have travel pieces?
    -Classic black swimsuit
    -White wide leg pants
    -Linen slip dress
    -Denim shorts
    -Wide Brim hat
    Shop Jac's travel must-haves:

    Posted: Dec 20 2019

    Youtube and Content Creator, Christie Lee Swadling is a #queen when it comes to health and wellbeing. Known for her #findyobalance mantra, Christie promotes healthy lifestyle habits that we should all take note of! We were lucky enough to sit down with her chat all things fitness, fashion and the future. Here's what she had to say...

    Christie wears our Margi Linen Pant 

    1. How do you stay motivated with your training?
    You can't sit around waiting for motivation to just strike you, motivation is created through routine and habit. Make the actions and motivation will naturally follow.

    2. How would you describe yourself in three words?
    Loud, creative and silly.

    Christie wears our Bennelong Bandeau + V Bottoms 

    3. What does a normal day look like for you?
    My day is a combination of content creating, cooking, admin, and focusing on my wellbeing which includes meditating, weight lifting and eating a balanced and nutritional diet.

    4. What has been your highlight for 2019?
    The older I get, the more I prioritise my mental health and my alone time. So I find this year has been full of personal development achievements and awakening moments.

    Christie wears our Some Place Else Midi Dress

    5. What is your goal for 2020?
    For my business to flourish and to buy a house.

    6. How would you describe your fashion style?
    Comfortable, beachy and if you know me .. I am basically the queen of #DIY fashion.


    Posted: Dec 18 2019

    It's our favourite time of year! Christmas and New Year are around the corner, our social calendars are filling up, and best of all, we're on end of season sale! Need a new party dress? Feeling a new look for the new decade? Now's your chance to build up your new year wardrobe at prices that won't break the bank.

    We rounded up our fave pieces from the sale (and trust us, there's a lot!) for your easy shopping pleasure. Enjoy:

    1. Linen Boiler Suit, was $139.95, now $80.00. As worn by @chelsea_owens

    2. Alibi Tucked Scando Jean, was $99.95, now $60.00. As worn by @jessalizzi

    3. Safari Jungle Culotte, was $99.95, now $60.00. As worn by @gabriellasmith__

    1. Mamba Underwire Bikini Top (was $49.95, now $30.00) and Bottoms (was $39.95, now $20.00). As worn by @siennaespie

    2. Sorbet Tie Bandeau (was $49.95, now $30.00) and Bottoms (was $49.95, now $30.00). As worn by @teganphillipa

    3. Tamworth Scooped Bottoms, was $39.95, now $20.00. As worn by @sarahkretzu

    1. Arcadia Mini Dress, was $89.95, now $60.00. As worn by @alexandracuthill

    2. Garden Secrets Mini Dress, was $109.95, now $70.00. As worn by @chelchen

    3. Thursday Mini Dress, was $79.95, now $50.00. As worn by @jyo_shankar

    1. Easy Street Scando Jean, was $99.95, now $60.00. As worn by @biancamelb

    2. Tea Dress in Golden Yellow, was $89.95, now $50.00. As worn by @wheretopeanut

    3. Taco Week Tee, was $59.95, now $40.00. As worn by @trishandari

    1. Harris Chunky Knit, was $129.95, now $90.00. As worn by @huntforstyles

    2. Lovelorn Bobble Knit, was $79.95, now $50.00. As worn by @thefloralaw

    3. Aurara Fluffy Cardigan, was $89.95, now $60.00. As worn by @oliviadipede

    1. Marietta Fitted Mini Dress, was $119.95, now $50.00. As worn by @siennaespie

    2. Pride Lands Midi Skirt, was $89.95, now $60.00. As worn by @johombsch

    3. Nirvana Mini Dress, was $99.95, now $60.00. As worn by @staceylauren


    Posted: Dec 09 2019

    Sam Blacky is a multi-talented DJ and influencer based in LA. She rocked MINKPINK while on location for her recent Art Basel shows in Miami (and looked damn good doing it). She kindly took some time out of her busy schedule to answer some questions about her career, her recent engagement and how she keeps a work/life balance. Read more below.

    1. What inspired you to pursue a career as a DJ?

    I have always loved music and it's had a big hold on me. When I was living in Australia, I actually worked behind the scenes in marketing and artist management for other DJs and producers.

    2. We see that you are recently engaged - CONGRATS! How did you meet your fiance?

    I met him in Mexico when we were both playing different shows. We were actually in Cabo one day and ran into one another at Mango Deck (don't judge lol) and his friend recognised me so we all had some drinks. He later slid into my DMs but we never caught up. Days later we happened to be in another city - Monterrey - and he was headlining a festival and I played the official after party. I had no idea he was even a DJ...he left the festival to come accompany me to my show, and we had the best 48 hours together hanging out. The rest is history.

    3. How do you balance your creative, personal and professional life?

    When I'm home in LA, I am completely focused on self-care, recharging and making music. A typical day is biking to get coffee or breakfast, then going to a work out class, maybe an infra-red sauna session and some cryo. Then it's couch time and music. I am also obsessed with the show "His Dark Material", this new show. I take it very, very easy.

    4. What is your all-time favourite show that you've performed at?

    I don't know if I can answer that...if I absolutely had to, I think it would be performing right before Fisher and Disclosure on the main stage at Elements Festival, or closing out Soyser Music Festival in Mexico with Claptone.

    5. Why did you pick these pieces from MINKPINK?

    I love bikinis first of all, I would live in them if I could! Second of all, if I'm going girly I go all the way - the flowy fun movement in the two pieces caught my eye.

    6. What stands out to you most about the MINKPINK brand?

    I lived in Australia for 6 years and I always loved and admired the fashion above all. Australian designers have a different eye than any other I've seen to this day, and I think the brand is fun, youthful and flirty.

    Shop her style: