Posted: Feb 24 2020

    Our fave Netflix Series to Binge Watch

    In need of new Netflix’s recommendations? Don’t worry we’ve done the groundwork for you, after some very serious and research we’ve compiled a list of our office faves that are absolute must-sees.

    1. The Vampire Diaries

    If you’re after some drama and heartthrob romance you can’t go past The Vampire Diaries and don’t hate it until you try it. The whole Vampire concept seemed cringy and overused but trust us, you’ll become so obsessed as you watch an ordinary girl fall in love with the new mysterious boy at school.


    2. Outlander

    Along the similar lines is Outlander, a gripping drama that follows an intense love triangle that permeates time. Set in the beautiful Scottish Highlands, Outlander will capture your heart and spirit following the wonderful and often dangerous adventures of Jamie and Claire.


    3. How to Get Away with Murder

    If you're after less romance, How to Get Away with Murder is captivating, you’ll binge-watch this one in a matter of time. It follows the story of Annalise Keating, a criminal defence lawyer and her aspiring students however their lives become deeply entangled when they all become involved in a murder. It’s amazing and up there with the best!!



    4. YOU

    Another gripping crime fiction you’ve got to see is YOU. Centred around a “dangerously charming, intensely obsessive young man who goes to extreme measures to insert himself into the lives of those he is transfixed with”. It’ll have you hiding behind your hands but not being able to turn away.  



    5. When they see us

    When they see us will have you on the edge of your seat. Based on a true story, When they see us follows the trial of formally known “Central Park Five”. It’s a heartbreaking story about the injustices suffered by five innocent children who are manipulated by police into admitting to the rape and assault of a jogger in Central Park.



    6. The Crown

    If you’re a bit of a history buff and slightly intrigued by the British Monarchy, The Crown is an interesting watch. It follows the life chronicles of Queen Elizabeth II from the 1940s to modern times; the series commences at the start of her reign and the events that lead up to her ascension to the throne. It gives unique insight and perspective into the role that The Crown plays in modern society.



    7. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

    But if you looking for a laugh and something lighter, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a classic. The comedy is based on a group of “quirky team of odd detectives who solve crimes in Brooklyn, New York City.” It’s a well-known favourite and one to watch.



    8. CHEER

    A shows that’s recently gained a lot of recognition is Cheer, which follows the ups and downs of the Navarro College Bulldogs Cheer Team Texas, as they train for the National Title. It’s seriously binge-worthy and no; it’s not like Dance Moms for Cheerleading, it’s a docuseries that sheds light on the sport and it’s toughness. It explores the topics of hard work, diversity and acceptance.



    9. Gossip Girl

    And we can’t forget about Gossip Girl. It’s popular for a reason and if you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t seen it yet, you’ve got to get on it. Following the eventful lives of the hyper-privileged teenagers of Manhattans elite, their lives under a public microscope of an unknown and its addictive.


  • ON THE ROAD WITH @kendallbaggerly

    Posted: Feb 21 2020

    Kendall Baggerly is an Aussie travel blogger whose boho, beachside aesthetic has captured the hearts of her followers.

    Her travel journey involves her gorgeous man, Glenn, Vance the van – their home away from home and their unhindered spirit to take on whatever life throws at them during their road-trip around Australia.

    We were lucky enough to sit down with Kendall and chat about all things travel! This is what she had to say:

    What are your travel plans for the colder months?

    To stay away from the cold!!

    Since we are doing a full loop of Australia and travelling counter-clockwise, we will hopefully be escaping the colder months by the time winter arrives. We should be up in Northern Queensland enjoying the dry season by then.

    What would be your top 3 tips for someone who is thinking about buying a van or caravan and starting their travel adventures?

    1. Do your research! We researched a lot of vans and planned for this trip about a year or so out, and we still feel like we could have researched more. Whether through watching YouTube videos, reading travel blogs, or speaking with friends and family, it all counts as research!
    You'll be spending a LOT of time in the van you choose, so the more prepared you can be, the better. We took our van on weekend trips before we renovated it which helped us figure out exactly how we wanted the layout to work. This also prepared us for living on the road full-time.

    2. Give yourself more time – in all aspects. Whether it’s giving yourself more time to build the van or planning how long the trip is itself, you will soon realise that you'll need more time than you originally thought.

    3. Remember that your plans are pretty much guaranteed to change, and that's okay. I'd say our travels have gone to plan about 25% of the time, but for us that's all part of the adventure.


    Favourite place you have visited so far?

    Byron Bay has been one of our all-time favourite so far! The laid back vibes are contagious and we feel so at home being here in our van. In saying this, we also really loved Lennox Head as well, which is just south of Byron and much less crowded.

    Any embarrassing moments to share?

    Oh man, one time I was changing in our van and I didn't close the curtains because I thought I would be really quick...but right as I was changing a big family walked by and peeked inside because they thought our van looked cute. It definitely wasn't good for anyone involved!


    How would you describe your style of your travel blogging content?

    I would describe our blogging style as laidback but intentional. We like to travel slowly, and in doing so are more intentional with the things we do as well as the content we create. I want to share all aspects of our travel journey – the good and the bad – to give a real insight into what it is like for anyone who is considering doing the same thing.

    What is left to cross off your bucket list?  

    We've barely scratched the surface of our Australia trip so there is SO much left to do on my list! Uluru is a big one, as well as all of Western Australia. The thing I love so much about this country is how diverse it is, so I just can't wait to see it all.


    What’s the biggest thing you’ve learnt about yourself since you started traveling?

    I've learnt that I need to stop setting expectations for places or experiences and just let them happen as they come. I think it's natural for us as humans to expect things to be a certain way, especially now that we have social media, but the moments I've enjoyed the most have been the ones that I didn't plan or preconceived in my mind.


    The Love Crush Puff Sleeve Crop

    The Love Crush Maxi Skirt  

    The City Boilersuit

    Tropicana Balconette + Belted Bottoms


    Posted: Feb 18 2020

    It’s the middle of summer and the warm weather isn’t slowing down. For those endless days filled with salt and sand, there are some essentials you absolutely need as you hit the beach. Take a look at what’s in our beach bag this season:



    An obvious and essential item for any beach bag, whether you're popping by for a quick swim or planning on spending the day soaking up the sun, you’ll need a towel. The bigger the better.

    Our fave: The Beach People



    Sun safety should be your first priority when spending time outside during summer and especially at the beach. The cool ocean breeze distracts you from noticing that your burning and with the information, we have about melanoma and skin cancer it’s naive and foolish to neglect to protect yourself. Keep a bottle in your beach bag and don’t forget to reapply throughout the day.

    Our fave: Neutrogena® Ultra Sheer® Face & Body Lotion SPF50



    An open skirt or kaftan is a stylish way to seek shade and protect your skin from getting burnt.

    Our fave: The Terracotta Dweller Midi Dress



    The sweet relief of sheltering under an umbrella, this is one that you won’t regret!

    Our fave: Sunday Supply Co.



    Staying hydrated is an absolute must so don’t forget to bring a big bottle of water in your beach bag. There’s no better feeling than that refreshing moment after being in the salty ocean and taking a big gulp of freshwater. *ahhhhh*

    Our fave: SOMA Glass Water Bottle



    Depending on whether your having a self-care day or venturing to the beach with a crowd you’ll want either a book or speaker to set the tone. Immersing yourself into an imaginative storyline to relax and unwind or bopping away to your fave tunes with friends are two ways to pass time while soaking up the sunshine and good vibes.

    Our fave: Such a Fun Age by Keily Reid // Ulimate ears Wonderboom 2 (is waterproof, floats in water and perfect for the outdoors)



    Another protective item you’ll be grateful for! Sheltering your face from the sun especially while drying off or sunbaking on your towel is a welcomed relief.

    Our fave: Ultra Wide Palma Boater from Lack of Color




    The glare from the sand will have you squinting all day if you don’t come prepared so pack your fave sunnies to shield your eyes. Shop our range of sunglasses for some stylish styles that will keep you looking cute this summer!

    Our fave: Highness - Black Tan Tint - THE LION KING X MINKPINK, Heritage - Gold/Green Mono, Nine Lives


    Posted: Feb 18 2020

    It’s that time of year where the air is perfumed by the sweet scent of red roses and the velvety aroma of chocolate. So maybe it’s time to with your partner, assemble your girl squad for some quality girl time or just indulge in some self-lovin.

    Whichever however you are spending this V-day, there’s plenty of love going around. Here’s what some of our MINKPINK babes are getting up to:

    “WELP, I’m actually heading to New Zealand and will be landing on Vday to meet a guy I’m seeing over there hehe”

    Adriaan and I are heading up to Big Bear for the weekend! We’ll be staying in a cabin, with our two dogs and doing lots of skiing & snowboarding!

    I’ll having a cheeky wine on the beach as the sun set (my ultimate fave thing to do!)

    Every year my boyfriend sends me sunflowers for Valentine's day. Florists always ask him why not roses, but he knows I prefer sunflowers (they make me happy!) I’ll be getting my hair done after work and as for the evening, I think my boyfriend has something planned.


    Posted: Feb 10 2020

    Looking for some date night inspo? We've got you covered, here are some cool Sydney restaurants to try!


    If you are looking for the perfect date night setting to share a Lady and the Tramp spaghetti moment with your man, we’ve got you covered. Located in the heart of the Royal Bondi, Totti’s takes romance to a whole new level. With a gorgeous piazza-esk courtyard, vintage garden décor and an Italian menu to die for, what isn’t there to love? Our favourite aspect of this Italian treasure is the open skylight in the courtyard area that brings Summer vibes to an entirely new level. Did we mention you can order Negroni by the litre?

    So, whether you are in the mood to share a freshly baked wood-fired oven pizza or indulge in a big saucy bowl of fettuccine on your own, Totti’s it’s the place to go.


    Sunset Sabi

    Sunset Sabi, is one of Manly’s most popular fusion restaurants. Buzzing with happy customers, this restaurant is almost always packed with lovers of not-so traditional Japanese food. Sunset Sabi takes a modern Mexican spin on classic Japanese dishes, so it is no wonder that every plate is packed full of unique flavor combinations. The restaurant itself is designed to look like a typical Japanese food alley, meaning bright electric signs, high chairs and communal tables, perfect for a casual date night. Some of our most loved dishes on the Sunset Sabi menu include the exquisite Kingfish In Mexico roll or the delicious Cured Salmon nigiri.

    If this sounds like your Japanese foodie dream, grab your favourite person and head up to Manly’s Sunset Sabi, we promise you won’t regret it.


    Chin Chin

    On the corner of Surry Hills’ Commonwealth Street, lies Chin Chin Sydney, an aesthetic-beyond-compare south-east Asian restaurant. The vibes of Chin Chin are unlike anything you would have experienced before. With dark mood lighting and a classy industrial interior décor, Chin Chin is the picture-perfect setting to celebrate something special, such as an anniversary. Chin Chin’s menu has a huge variety of dishes to choose from, making it extremely difficult to decide which one dish you want to try.

    Our hot tip is to pick a few faves with your partner and share everything. That way everybody gets to go home completely satisfied.



    Take a trip up to the beautiful Avalon Beaches to enjoy an incredible food experience at Alma. Alma is a Mexican-inspired restaurant that you’ll love if you are a die-hard for seafood dishes. From tacos to ceviche, Alma does it all. Its contemporary take on Mexican food is unmatched. The restaurant interior can only be described as sleek and mysterious while its exterior design gives us a more laid-back vibe.

    If you want to show off your keen sense of taste to your loved ones by taking them to Alma in Avalon, we won’t tell anyone you heard it here first.



    If you are looking to eat some incredibly authentic Lebanese food, head on over to the restaurant Teta in Roseville. Teta is all about family. It is family-run, it is a share-style menu and most importantly the recipes have been passed down through the generations, which we absolutely love. It is no wonder Teta has been titled as one of the best Lebanese restaurants in Sydney. This Lebanese culinary treasure offers a variety of traditional Lebanese dishes to pick from.

    Your best bet is to go to Teta’s on an empty stomach and completely indulge yourself into the world of Lebanese cuisine.