Posted: Mar 16 2020

    Singer songwriter turned blogger and soon to be mum of two, Chantelle Paige-Mulligan is an inspiration to say the least. Juggling a jam-packed life, Chantelle squeezed in some time to chat to us! Here’s what she had to say:

    Firstly, how are you? this exact moment, if I'm being honest, not so hot!!! Ha ha. I'm at The Wing, an all-female co-working space, getting some work done and I think I waited a little too long to eat lunch and now I'm nauseously awaiting my food to arrive!!! ....BUT other than the pregnancy nausea, I'm great ;)

    San Francisco is on the bucket list for many. What's it like to live there?

    AMAZING!!! There are so many fun pockets to this 7x7mile city!!! My personal favorite is the marina. It's the area that looks out at the Golden Gate, has fun shopping streets (such as Union, Chestnut, and Filmore), and amazing food (also mainly on those 3 streets!). Although it is a little colder than my Southern California living times, it truly is a MUST visit spot.

    Why the transition from singer/songwriter to blogger?

    Oh goodness! There are so many factors that went into my switch from music. I felt so lucky that I got to go on tour throughout Europe and the US and to have been signed to a record label. Then I felt so thankful to get to write songs for various artists for a while.... but 11 years of music was a lot and I decided I wanted to switch it up! I actually got into event planning and then moved to San Francisco to live in the same city as my then (almost) fiancé. While waiting for my boss to open an SF office I played around on social media and fell in love!!! It was an accidental change, that has since become one of the most incredible jobs I could have asked for. I truly feel so insanely thankful to get to do this as a career. It still feels so surreal and I'm going on my 3rd year of doing it!!!

    You have a husband, baby girl, deaf doggy, and miniature piglet. How do you do it?

    Going on 2 years this May :) Which is so, so crazy that we will have our 2nd baby just 3 months after we celebrate! The curious little 13-month-old girl, 14-year-old deaf pup, and mini pig are just the best possible bonus. I honestly have help and I'm getting better at delegating out work! I think that's the trick with babies + work, letting go and realizing you can't do it all (or you at least will be happier relinquishing some of those responsibilities!). Bonus tip: I'm reading Fair Play and it's fantastic for any moms, working or mom-ing full-time.

    Describe your style in three words?  

    Boho, Casual, Comfort.



    Posted: Mar 11 2020

    As the mornings become masked by fresh chilled air, we can’t argue that summer’s reign is slowly coming to a close. While we’ll miss our wardrobe of floating floral dresses and linens, we can’t deny that we are slightly excited about styling some cozy knits and cool coats as the whether cools.

    At the forefront of trends are our talented MINKPINK designers and we sat down with them to ask about what we can expect to see this season. Curious to know what they have to say? Keep reading:


    The most practical and cozy trend of them all!!! The “Throw On Cardi” perfect for between season layering - best belted over short dresses or worn slouchy with denim, so think again before you go putting your mini dresses to the back of your closet.


    The smocked blouse is the ultimate transitional top, carrying the boho-lover from summer through to fall. Expect to see a mix of revealing and concealing necklines, full sleeves, accentuated by elongated lengths with a nod to classic tailoring with romantic influences.


    The reinterpreted bow-neck and soft-tied blouses are set to become the new must-haves for the season. The epitome of femininity, the pussy bow blouse is a subtle statement championed by the scando-cool girl.


    Pretty details likes, layered peplums, fluted sleeves and open-back cuts update the midi silhouette. Adored by pastel toned abstract florals that are grounded with deeper tran-seasonal hues. Cosy cardigans and slouchy oversized sweaters contrasted against flirty dresses and silky slip skirts for weather appropriate dressing.


    Styled with slouchy knits and romantic full blouses, the winter short is the ideal for autumnal dressing.


    Posted: Mar 02 2020

    Citizen of the world, Jacqueline Giltrow, is the established and talented photographer behind the lens of MINPINK's recent campaigns. With traveling being a perk of the job we asked Jacqueline what her favourite destinations have been, heres what she had to say:


    There’s no adequate way to articulate her magic but Positano has well and truly owned my heart from day 1. The architecture, the stunning coastline are only out shined by the beautiful residents.


    From the red rocks of Amoudi bay to the stark white vistas there is a special moment around every corner in Santorini. Home to incredible food, hospitality and magical Sunsets.


    Some of another Nature’s best work is in Ubud. Just removed enough from the hustle and bustle of central Bali to get a real feel for Indonesian culture but still close to enjoy amazing food and day spas.


    From one Jungle to another NY has such an electric vibe. It’s really doesn’t sleep, and you won’t want to either with so many amazing cultural, culinary and shopping experiences on offer.


    No filter needed here. It’s instantly calming landscape, incredible sea life and welcoming white sands will have you booking your return ticket before you leave.

    Posted: Feb 27 2020

    It’s a time for the LGBTQI community to shine and their voices heard in unity across the globe. As Sydney gears up for the Annual Mardi Gras celebration we asked our office to tell us what Mardi Gras means to them… This is what we had to say:

    IMAGE CREDIT: @sydneymardigras

    Alex, Swim designer: “It’s a celebration of love, community and freedom”

    Mel, Sales coordinator: “Tinsel, glitter, feathers, sequins and all things rainbow! It’s the time where everyone comes together to celebrate love, equality, acceptance as well as expressing individuality”

    Hannah, Community coordinator: “Mardi Gras is a rainbow celebration of love with no bounds.”

    Megan, Marketing exec: “Mardi Gras to me means everyone can express who they are and be free from their fears”

    Kate, Graphic Designer: “Mardi gras to me is about loving out loud and celebrating pride and equality”

    Claire, Jnr Art Director: “Mardi Gras to me is all about celebrating inclusivity! I’m grateful to be living in a time where finally, we see this all-embracing nature being the direction we’re heading in”


    Posted: Feb 26 2020


    Los Angeles, the city of dreams and the land of the rich and famous. It’s also home to one of the MINKPINK offices where a bunch of our boss-babes work, live and leisure. With the inside scoop, we’ve asked them what their recommendation are for your first visit to the city of angels.


    Visiting the infamous Hollywood sign is an absolute must-do for your first trip to LA. In order to snap an insta-worthy pic of you and the stunning cultural icon, it is important to pick your viewing spot carefully.

    The LA locals recommend heading to Hollywood Lake for an unforgettable view from down below of this must-see American landmark. Did we mention this spot can be accessed by car, meaning zero hiking is involved?

    For our gals who don’t mind a bit of exercise, another fab viewing spot is from Griffith Park which can be accessed through several different hiking trails.

    Each trail offers a specific level of difficulty so whether you’re looking for a full on workout, or a light stroll, don’t worry, there is an option for you.


    In the heart of Beverly Hills, lies Rodeo Drive, the luxurious-fashion hub of Los Angeles. Whether you want to re-live the glamorous life of Julia Roberts’ character in Pretty Woman or create your own Beverly Hills adventure, you ought to start here.

    Rodeo Drive is home to the fashion equivalent of the Walk Of Fame.

    Big names including, Donatella Versace, Giorgio Armani and Tom Ford have all been awarded their own plaques on the Rodeo Drive – Walk of Style, so watch your step!

    Rodeo Drive’s legendary strip of haute-couture boutiques is unmatched, hosting some of the most recognised brands in the world.

    If you’re looking to come home with a jaw-dropping new wardrobe to make your besties totally jealous, you have got to let yourself explore the huge amount of stores Rodeo Drive has to offer.


    It goes without saying that Malibu is home to some of the most gorgeous coastlines in the world.

    With a never-ending stretch of soft, white sand and pristine waters as far as the eye can see, Malibu is the perfect beach day location.

    A local hotspot favourite is Zuma Beach. Known for its laid-back vibes, this Malibu treasure is perfect for beach-babes who enjoy mild waves and a relaxed atmosphere.

    Take the opportunity to sport one of your fave bikinis and capture a pic of yourself enjoying the fairy-tale like serenity that is Malibu.


    Santa Monica Pier is another great bucket-list item to tick off while visiting Los Angeles.

    If you’re looking to scope out aesthetically-pleasing views of the ocean, this is the perfect place to go.

    As soon as you step onto the Santa Monica Pier you’ll be met with a commotion of childish squeals, arcade noises and the unmistakable sound of waves crashing into the shore.

    With an atmosphere like this, it is almost impossible not to let out your inner child as you indulge in all the exciting things the pier has to offer. This includes an amusement park, trapeze school, arcade, aquarium and a large variety of restaurants.

    With all of these thrilling activities, it is easy to lose track of time, so make sure you dedicate a full afternoon to this fun-filled tourist hotspot.


    Los Angeles is best known in the fast-food scene for their iconic burger joint, In-N-Out.

    With several locations sprawled across the LA County, there is no excuse not to try this cult-classic before jetting back home. For first-timers, we guarantee you will be sold after your first bite.

    Don’t believe us? Perhaps you’ll trust the opinion of world famous chef, Gordon Ramsay, who was so chuffed with his first ever In-N-Out meal that five minutes after leaving he turned right back to order another.

    There is nothing quite like straightening up that In-N-Out paper crown to truly feel like a Los Angeles local.