Posted: Feb 18 2020

It’s the middle of summer and the warm weather isn’t slowing down. For those endless days filled with salt and sand, there are some essentials you absolutely need as you hit the beach. Take a look at what’s in our beach bag this season:



An obvious and essential item for any beach bag, whether you're popping by for a quick swim or planning on spending the day soaking up the sun, you’ll need a towel. The bigger the better.

Our fave: The Beach People



Sun safety should be your first priority when spending time outside during summer and especially at the beach. The cool ocean breeze distracts you from noticing that your burning and with the information, we have about melanoma and skin cancer it’s naive and foolish to neglect to protect yourself. Keep a bottle in your beach bag and don’t forget to reapply throughout the day.

Our fave: Neutrogena® Ultra Sheer® Face & Body Lotion SPF50



An open skirt or kaftan is a stylish way to seek shade and protect your skin from getting burnt.

Our fave: The Terracotta Dweller Midi Dress



The sweet relief of sheltering under an umbrella, this is one that you won’t regret!

Our fave: Sunday Supply Co.



Staying hydrated is an absolute must so don’t forget to bring a big bottle of water in your beach bag. There’s no better feeling than that refreshing moment after being in the salty ocean and taking a big gulp of freshwater. *ahhhhh*

Our fave: SOMA Glass Water Bottle



Depending on whether your having a self-care day or venturing to the beach with a crowd you’ll want either a book or speaker to set the tone. Immersing yourself into an imaginative storyline to relax and unwind or bopping away to your fave tunes with friends are two ways to pass time while soaking up the sunshine and good vibes.

Our fave: Such a Fun Age by Keily Reid // Ulimate ears Wonderboom 2 (is waterproof, floats in water and perfect for the outdoors)



Another protective item you’ll be grateful for! Sheltering your face from the sun especially while drying off or sunbaking on your towel is a welcomed relief.

Our fave: Ultra Wide Palma Boater from Lack of Color




The glare from the sand will have you squinting all day if you don’t come prepared so pack your fave sunnies to shield your eyes. Shop our range of sunglasses for some stylish styles that will keep you looking cute this summer!

Our fave: Highness - Black Tan Tint - THE LION KING X MINKPINK, Heritage - Gold/Green Mono, Nine Lives